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    Akron White French

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    The Akron RubberDucks will rebrand to the Akron White French for one-night only on Friday, July 19 as part of the RubberDucks created Only in Akron series.

    White French salad dressing is uniquely an Akron thing! When most people think of French salad dressing, they picture a bright orange hue and a sweet, tangy taste. However, Akronites have been topping their lettuce leaves with an entirely different dressing that has its origins in the Rubber City. White French is a smooth creamy textured, tangy salad dressing with hints of garlic flavors and, as the name suggests, a white hue. This unique smooth salad topper is not often found outside the confines of Summit County.

    The origin of who first began to serve White French salad dressing is up to debate, but Papa Joe’s (owned and operated by the Iacomini family for generations) restaurant was one of the first. Some Akron foodies contend the old Stouffer’s restaurant at the Summit Mall was the first place to serve the unique dressing, but both sides can agree the salad dressing originated in Akron and has become an area staple ever since. White French salad dressing is served by many Akron area restaurants, and Akron’s own Ya Ya’s Salad Dressing is the only company that bottles White French to sell in grocery stores.